Green Data Centre

Green Data Centre

Designed to be Green from the start

We use a data centre that is environmentally friendly in design. The  walls are over 12 inches thick and filled with insulation that has recycled content. The green data centre, network and servers were built from scratch and from the start it was designed to use the lowest amount of energy possible using the latest green design techniques.

No other data centre can do this without starting from scratch. Plus it is powered by the sun, water, and air – now that is something you can’t find anywhere else.

Solar panels

The data centre we use (and its office) is powered by on-site solar panels within two arrays which generates its electricity

It is the first and only 100% completely solar powered, carbon free data centre that does not use energy credits


Natural light is brought in from the outside

Mirrored tubes, skylights and windows

The solar tubes also use recycled content in the lenses, fasteners, and trim pieces

When the need for lighting occurs the centre uses energy-efficient LED lighting


Same latent cooling process that transfers heat to a thunderstorm via atmospheric air, a clean, green renewable energy source

Water is evaporated into air in one chamber within the air conditioner, and this cools the air flowing in an adjacent chamber

Water vapor in the exhaust air holds the heat and is used for cooling the solar panels and to be renewed by the atmosphere


Rainwater collection system on roof

The rainwater collected is used for the air conditioning systems and to water the green roof during dry periods

The excess water from watering the green roof is recouped by the rainwater collection system

This means that 100% of the water usage comes from mother nature