Hosting FAQs

Green Website Hosting – FAQ’s

What is 'website hosting' and do I need it?

For a website to be visible to the world then the files that make up the site have to be stored somewhere. This ‘somewhere’ is on a computer (server) which is usually in a large building with lots of other computers. When someone types in the domain name of your website (e.g. the computer server then delivers your files so that your website is viewable.
Storing your website on a server (and paying for that space) is what we mean when we say ‘hosting’.

If you want your website to be visible then you need it to be hosted. Just having a domain name ( is not enough.

Do you only offer Green Hosting?

Yes, we only offer Green Hosting now.

We are now committed to only hosting sites on a Green Hosting solution, although we do have some older clients who are currently still on non-Green hosting but we are gradually switching them all over!

Can I switch my current website to your Green Hosting?

Yes, you can. We are happy to host your current website and can take care of the process for you – just ask for more details.

I already have a website designer and hosting but would like to switch my hosting - how would that work?

We would provide you with your own Control Panel (cPanel) so your current designer would have full access to all aspects of your site. Therefore, they would be able to work with all aspects of your hosting and edit and work on your site as they currently do and there would be no difference for them.

All that needs to happen is for you to explain why you want to switch hosting and get them to agree that having your site powered by 100% wind is a good thing! (Even if they don’t want to lose the money they get from you for their fossil fuel hosting.)

If I switch hosting to you how much will it cost?

There is a one-off charge for switching to our hosting. Depending on the simplicity or complexity of your setup you could expect to pay between £30 – £50 to make the switch. Obviously you would also pay the annual hosting fee as-well: £60 for standard or £84 for Super Charged (payable yearly, in advance).