Hosting Fees

Green Energy Hosting – Fees

Wind Powered Website Hosting

Your website will be hosted on servers powered by 100% wind energy.

Includes 1 email address (to go with your domain name)

£60 per year
(£5 per month)

Super Charge your Wind Powered Website Hosting

Add Content Delivery Network system and get Railgun (TM) for FREE

Content Delivery Network – on average a website using this system loads twice as fast for its visitors

plus, get Railgun (TM) for FREE – Railgun gives even more significant improvements in site load times. This technology is typically only included in expensive packages. For example it costs $200 per month at Cloudfare (yes, really) – but we offer it for FREE if you take out Super Charged hosting

£84 per year
(£7 per month)

By ensuring that your own web site is hosted on a great value, environmentally conscious hosting plan like ours, you can be assured that you have done everything possible to minimise the environmental impact of running a web site.