Are you aware of how polluting the ‘internet industry’ is?

Your website will be stored in a data centre powered by 100% renewable energy.

Why the pollution?

Data centres are where the servers and computers are housed on which websites are stored. They consume huge amounts of energy, with a large proportion of that energy used for cooling. The impact of data centres on the environment has grown as demand is ever increasing. (Please watch the video on the right.)
The majority of data centres are powered by electricity generated by the burning of fossil fuels.

The world’s data centres are projected to surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter by 2020. For more details please read here.

We don’t want to be part of that pollution, and hope that you don’t want to either. By hosting your website with us you are not contributing to the carbon footprint generated by the ‘internet industry’. Indeed you are actively supporting a green alternative, and can rest knowing that your website is truly carbon-neutral.